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This is a new series I’m doing where you watch me work and build funnels and sites right before your eyes. Some of the videos in this series will be quite long, but you can see how I do everything start to finish.


I usually link to the tools I use as well so if you’d like to grab those as well you can and use them for yourself.


In today’s video I’m going to be building a membership site for a client for an upcoming product they are launching.




     1.) Clean and Easy To Navigate

I’ve been building membership sites for many years now. One of the things I’ve learned is that you need a very clean and easy to navigate members area. Usually people like to over do a members area and have a ton of stuff inside their with links, resources, different sections and everything else. What I’ve found though is that you need to just have the content in a very step by step organized path that someone can follow. This allows them to go through your content and easily find the videos they were looking for if they need to go back and rewatch a training.


     2.) Branding throughout

Now with a membership site, you need to make sure your brand is throughout the site. Inside the header, the footer and on the videos. You want to try and burn your brand into their brain without over doing it, where it’s just there, not in the way, but everywhere they look.


     3.) Easy Ways To Give You More Money

Inside a members area there should be many different ways to for the new customer to see other offers of yours and see ways to upgrade. One of the things I find many people do is that they separate all of their products in a bunch of different membership sites. You want the customer to be able to see the products of yours that they do not own and a way for them to learn more about those products easily. A new customer that is going through your content is on the edge of buying something else of yours because they’re in your atmosphere, your world, especially if they like what you’re teaching. It’s similar to people that get into new hobbies.


Imagine golf, someone might start out with a basic set of golf clubs, but then they get out on the course and see people have their own golfing gloves, shirts and more. Then, he sees other people driving the ball further than him so he has to figure how how. So he starts looking into new clubs and starts upgrading his equipment. Eventually he’s buying everything he can golfing wise and its usually the same brand of stuff throughout. You need to make sure that you have ways for your new customers to see the other products of yours that they do not own and a way to learn more about it.


With that being said, here’s today’s video

Watch Me Work- Building A Membership Site


Feel free to contact me with any questions

In this video you will watch me build a layout for a membership site that I have no content yet for. Once the content is in my hands I will finish the members area.

Tools Used: Profit Builder
Grab Profit Builder Here: http://ResponseGuy.com/get-profit-builder/

Posted by Jeremy Watson on Thursday, March 30, 2017


Tools used in this video:

*Profit Builder

Profit Builder is an easy to use website builder for WordPress.
Once you master this tool you can build nearly anything you’d like
including membership sites and sales pages.

To get your own copy of profit builder, click here

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