3 Secrets To Successful Selling

Selling… One of the most frowned upon things in the business world, yet without selling and sales people the whole economy would collapse on itself. It’s true, without people out selling and moving products and services the entire economy would come to a screeching halt. Money would stop exchanging hands, manufactures would slow and have to cut jobs and more.

Yet, one of the biggest issues in the sales world, whether you’re selling your own services, a networking marketing company, or someone else’s product or what ever, is that most people don’t know the fundamentals of selling.

Here’ in this article I’ll reveal how you too can use the exact same strategies I use to close sales over the phone and in person that range from $100 to upwards of $5,000. In fact you can use these techniques whether you’re selling yourself, a product or raising money for a cause or just awareness. I honestly believe these 3 things are vital to your success in selling and if you start implementing them now, you too can become a sales superstar!

Secret # 1

They Don’t Trust You, Even If You’re The Most Honest Person In The World

Sales people as a whole are looked at like a huge conspiracy group that’s just out to get other people’s money. Whether this is true or not, the consumer, the potential customer, the prospect will always have some sort of resistance to a sales person, especially from the start of a sales call, consulting call or when they walk into a store, even if they are talking to you prior to already knowing they want to buy what you are selling.

Think about it, if you go into a store where an employee comes up and ask you “Can I help you find anything today” and you know you come there looking for a particular product or more information about a product, what’s the first thing that you say?

“Oh, no thanks, I’m just looking” 

This is out of habit and naturally protecting ourselves from potentially getting ripped off or worse… SOLD SOMETHING. This is due to our years of programming of hearing on the news about people getting scammed, ripped off, losing money. Not only that, it’s from our own experiences of buying products that didn’t live up to the ad, what a salesman told us it would do or even our expectation of what we thought it was. This limits us as a consumer and a sales person to move forward on a transaction. Simply being aware of this fact is enough to help you start getting around this barrier.

Your plan of action:
To get around someone already not trusting you and being skeptical of you before you even engage in a conversation or during a sales conversation is actually quite simple. We have to start building rapport as soon as we get into the conversation with the prospect. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is simply talk to and act like you’ve known the prospect or customer forever. This simple act of confidence and posturing allows people to unconsciously start becoming more comfortable around you almost immediately. Also, using the other two sales secrets in this article will help you overcome this simple little problem as well.


Secret #2

Provide Proof Of Proof

Data, proof and proof of proof is ever-so important in this information driven world that we live in today. In fact, simply saying something is something without proving it to be true goes in one ear and out the other of the prospect. For example, if you’re selling cars and you tell a potential customer

“This car has gone through extensive crash testing and received a 5 star safety” 

Well, that means nothing unless you prove it. And to prove it doesn’t mean take that person in the car, go crash it into a wall and say “See, you’re not hurt”. It means show them the documents, where is it written down, who proved it and so on.

The great thing about this is, the prospect doesn’t even have to fully read any of the documents or proof facts as long as you show them on a piece of paper or on the web somewhere where it’s written down. Although it’s not the greatest feature of us humans, but if we see something written somewhere we almost ALWAYS believe it. Prove It IMAGELike the old saying goes- If it’s in a book, it must be true. This goes on to prove that if something is written on the web, in a book, in the newspaper, in a video or on T.V. we automatically assume it to be true. This is pre-programmed from the very beginning of our school days. Our teacher would tell us to open a book and read what’s inside. They would teach us from that book and as we go through school we would eventually associate books with being true.

Now, we all know written aren’t always as factual as we might want to believe, but as a sales person of any kind having all your proof written down, printed out or on a site somewhere that a prospect can see for themselves instead of just hearing you say it, well lets just say it will lower the red flags, build rapport faster and show that you are a professional at what you do. Not only that, that you actually want to show them everything they need to see to make an educated decision on what you’re offering!

Secret #3


AgreeThis is the number one rule to selling, negotiating and getting your way in life. I had a program that I created and sold to network marketers that revealed simple language patterns to help over come objections that they might get from prospects as they were trying to sell someone a business opportunity. One of the first things I taught in that is to always agree with your prospect. It doesn’t matter what they say, they could say the sky is BLACK and you should agree. Not to agree in the way of manipulation but to agree that that is their reality and how they see the world.

Another thing is to throw out the word “BUT“. Never-Ever use this word when in a sales conversion, the word ‘but’ associates with “here’s the catch” or “here’s why I can’t do what you want”

Here’s the truth if you don’t want to make sales, argue with your prospects and customers. If you do want to make sales agree with them, help them and see if there’s a way you can come to an agreement.

Think about it this way, if you and a friend are talking about a topic and you disagree with them, what immediately happens? Almost immediately they try to provide and stand behind their beliefs and what they were saying. It almost always turns into a small debate or even an argument sometimes. Yet, if you simply said, “You are right” or “I agree” then you can continue the conversation and go from there.

“BUT JEREMY! What if they aren’t right?” 

Well, there’s a good question, the customer is definitely not always right, but that doesn’t mean you should argue with them to try and prove to them that they aren’t. The last thing someone wants to do is to be proved wrong, it makes them feel inferior to the other people around them, which is something NO ONE wants to feel. So how do you get around it.

So hypothetically, let’s say you’re selling some sort of weight loss pill and you’re talking to a prospect either on the phone or in person.

They say “All these weight loss pills don’t work for me, they’re all a scam” 

Instead of immediately coming out and telling that person they are wrong, and they’re dumb for thinking that you can say something like

“You know what, I agree, most companies that are in this business are scamming people and ripping people off. That’s why we strive to help our customers see results by giving you a one on one coach that you can call any time of the day to help you plan out your weight loss diet and timing for when you should take our new pills. We are setting ourselves apart from the other people in the industry because your success means we are doing our job” 

Here’s 3 simple ways to agree with someone. 

  • I agree
  • You’re right
  • I agree and would add…

The last one is there for people who’s maybe quoting facts or something wrong or you want to add something to something the prospect said. This is a really easy language pattern to help you engage and further your selling while agreeing with prospects.


These three secrets will help you sell more, engage more with your prospects, build rapport and show that you’re a professional at what you do. Especially when you have a product that you know will help someone you want to make sure you do everything you can to ensure that they can get your product!

Go now, sell your heart out. Make your commissions!


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