7 Of My Favorite Profit Pulling Headline Templates

The headline, the most important part of any sales letter, article, intro to a video, or even your PPC ad. The headline is the first thing people read when they see your marketing message and it’s the one thing that will either make people stick around or leave.

If you don’t have a powerful headline, then you will struggle to get high conversion rates on any marketing material you might make. The truth is, even in your free reports and lead magnets, the title of the free giveaway is actually a headline as well.

There’s 3 main things that all headlines should answer as soon as someone reads it, if you’re headline does, you’re on a good path to having a great headline.

Question #1: “SO WHAT?

You have about 7 seconds before someone leaves your page. If you’re headline doesn’t answer this one question then that will be the main reason that people will leave. When people read your headline they ask themselves “So what?” Many people forget that they are writing a headline for the potential customer and not for themselves. I’ve seen headlines that are so terrible that you don’t even think twice about leaving.

For example:





In fact as you read these terrible headlines, ask yourself, “SO WHAT?” Does it make you want to learn more, to read on, to continue in the video or down the page? If not then you’re on the wrong path.

Question #2: “Is This For Me?”

When we come across sales material we ask ourselves “Is this for me” now, the truth is your product, services or offer is NOT for everyone. If you can call out exactly who the offer is for in the headline you’re on the right path. For example, a makeup offer is for women, not men. A body building protein shake is for men, not women. And so on. The great thing about headlines and offers is that you can customize the headline for particular prospects just so they feel you are talking directly to them. Like this:

7 Mind Control Copy Secrets For MLMers Who Want To Recruit More

7 Mind Control Copy Secrets For Affiliate Marketers Who Want To Sell More

7 Mind Control Copy Secrets For Email Marketers Who Want To Sell More Through Email

7 Mind Control Copy Secrets For Small Business Owners Who Want More Customers And Appointments

If someone who isn’t in MLM reads the Small Business Owner headline, they will leave. Yet, if they read the MLM headline, they will be more inspired to read the rest of the message because they feel they are being talked directly to them.

Question #3: “What’s In It For Me?”

This is a powerful question especially because 99% of the time we are thinking about ourselves. If your headline doesn’t answer this, then you’re going to struggle to keep people on the page, watch the video, to optin and so on. Yet, if you can then you’re conversion rates will go up!


How to Win Friends And Influence People

If You’re A Careful Driver You CAN Save Money On Your Car Insurance

The Fastest Way To Get Over Your Cold

Immediately after reading these headlines you’ll see that you can ask yourself these 3 questions and answer all of them.

Yet, coming up with powerful headlines is tough, I know that because I write sales copy for a living. Sometimes I write out 100-200 headlines for a letter before even choosing one to use. So what do I do? I use proven templates  that can give me a good place to start! The thing about templates is that they’re good to start with but shouldn’t be used ALL the time, try and be creative sometimes to be unique and come up with your own powerful headline.


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  • August 12, 2015

    Solid content Jeremy.

    Having a headline that attracts clicks is crucial. One thing I’ve gotten better at over the years.

    Have a good one!


    • Jeremy Watson
      August 13, 2015

      Thanks man! Headlines are definitely crucial!

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