Hello world!

I decided to actually make this “Hello World” post into something since it always comes standard with any WordPress blog you make. Usually, I delete it right away but this time is different, because this time I actually want to say ‘HELLO’ to the world.

My name is Jeremy, Jeremy Watson. I’ve been marketing online since I was 16, I jumped feet first into a high ticket MLM and seen zero results, not bad for my first business right? 

Ha, yeah right, it sucked, my sponsor who was suppose to help me along the way didn’t help me at all, in fact I found out I wasn’t even suppose to be in the business I was in at the age of 16, which he knew, he just needed someone to sign up so he let me. I guess you’ll do just about anything when you’re struggling in an MLM company and just want to see some kind of results.

But that wasn’t the only business I was in at 16, I was working at an AMC Theaters, serving overpriced popcorn that was marked up by 600 to 700% per bag!

That’s where my real business life started.

I was surrounded by people my age and older, mostly older. I don’t know many 16 year old’s that wanted to get a job a few weeks after they turned 16. In fact, that wasn’t my first job I was working by the age of 12 at my dad’s dog groom and boarding kennel. I helped wash dogs, feed them in the kennel and my dad even let me interact with the customers and ring them up. And I think that’s where it all started. The love for money, success, and power.

By the time I turned 16, my fathers business was hurting, he was in an emotion downward spiral because him and my mother broke up and got a divorce. The business was getting hit hard, he stopped showing up for work, money stopped flowing and as much as I wanted to stay there and help him, I just simply couldn’t. I had my own phone bill at the time, I paid for all my own stuff and even had my own car. So I got a job at the theater.

Yet, a job at the theater only paid minimum wage, it sucked. I was putting in 40-50 hour weeks every week, working more than the managers most of the time and getting crap money.

“$300 for 2 weeks worth of work” I couldn’t take it. I looked around and discovered who was around me, teens and young adults getting money, living off of their parents and didn’t have to pay for a single thing of their own. The money they were getting from their paychecks was just ‘extra’. That’s when I got an idea, let me find a way to get their paychecks as well.

I quickly discovered how to import goods from china, shoes, clothes, hats, t.v.s, car radios, car tvs, headrest tvs, sunglasses, mp3 players and all.

I used my paycheck to start my little business, importing goods from china and that’s where the real fun began. I started selling all my new goods to everyone at work. I did this every 2 weeks, when paychecks would come in I would walk over to the mall with them, let them cash their check, and then get my money from them. It was a sweet deal, at 16 making $1,500- $2,000 a week wasn’t bad.

Soon enough, it got overwhelming, I was working upstairs now, running and starting the movies. I eventually had lines of employees waiting up there after they cashed their checks to see what new stuff I had. I couldn’t keep enough stuff in stock to even keep everyone happy.

Eventually my general manager called me into her off and asked me. “What the fuck are you doing”

I laughed, and asked her to elaborate.

She said to me “Corporate was  here doing a random check on the theater and there was 15 people up here talking to you, you know no one is allowed up there unless they’ve been properly trained, are you selling drugs here or something”

I quickly told her “No of course not, I would never, I just sell electronics on the side and stuff people come to me on pay day to see what I have”

She told me it had to stop, and I had to start doing it off premises, it made her look bad.

I got shut down

My second business failure, well it wasn’t really a failure, it was a huge setback. I continued what I was doing but I would have people meet me at my car in the parking lot. It just wasn’t the same, sales slowed and I eventually started to look for new avenues of money.

I looked back at the internet world, I knew there just had to be another way, my first try wasn’t a success and I couldn’t figure out why. Honestly, I knew nothing about MLM or network marketing at the time all I had was a box of stuff and was waiting on my sponsor to call my and tell me what to do next, which didn’t happen. So I searched and searched and quickly joined another MLM, a startup and I was doing good in it too, once the company would launch I would get my check and I would be making at least an extra thousand or two a month. Yet.. the company didn’t launch, they disappeared and my streak with this whole ‘internet thing’ wasn’t working.

This happened plenty of more times, MLM was all I knew at the time, its all I looked up and studied, I didn’t know much outside of that.

It wasn’t until I discovered real marketers when everything started changing for me. I started studying them, buying everything I could, implementing everything I learned, apply strategies and techniques to what I was currently doing.

After that everything changed

What I was learning was working. I recruited over 1,000 people in a 30 day period into an MLM I was in. My team was huge! I was so excited, I knew that this was it.

Yet, it wasn’t it, it was just the beginning of something terrible.

The company got sued and shut down for making claims that weren’t provided by the FDA on their products, the product gave someone a heart attack and nothing but bad press was floating around this company. I was worried, like I should be, was what I was selling actually bad for people? Probably, reading all the stories on the internet made me really wonder if what I was selling was even ethical. I still wanted my money for my work though, I earned it. Yet, the company disappeared. The website was shut down, the domain name deleted, they were gone! Over $10,000.00 of my money I was waiting on, just disappeared.

It literally made me sick. I was mad and frustrated and I wanted to quit.

And I did quit for almost a year

I quit MLM and internet marketing for almost an entire year, but even though I wasn’t doing anything online I was still studying. I put audio books, courses and more on my phone, I listened to them all day long at work. During that time I probably went through over 500 books and courses. I had notebooks of notes, hand written on pads of paper, which I still have most of them today. I was mastering marketing, sales and copywriting. I was learning from the best and I knew it.

I quit MLM for good

When I got back online, I started doing affiliate marketing, promoting internet marketing and make money

Here's a contest I won $1,000 in!

Here’s a contest I won $1,000 in!

from home products. I built a list, and I was quickly topping leader boards and winning contest.

I was catching people’s attention, it was a good feeling for sure.

I started getting hired to create people’s websites, their capture pages and even coach people on what I was doing. That’s when I started creating and selling my own products. My pages looked good, and converted good. I was sought out by up and comers wanting to hire me to do work for them. I was featured in online magazines, invited to exclusive masterminds with top earners in the industry and much more. I quickly realized that my knowledge was way beyond most of the people at the level I was at, I would discuss in terms and speak marketing and business lingo that had become second nature to me and I would confuse almost everyone I talked to.

Mastermind With Top Earners Mark Hoverson, I was awkwardly invited into the photo

Mastermind With Top Earners Mark Hoverson, I was awkwardly invited into the photo

I was amazed that most people didn’t know the stuff I knew. But then again I was reading 1 to 5 books a week on business, marketing and copywriting.

I quickly started picking up copywriting gigs, my first few were great, I didn’t charge enough though. The letters and funnels I created for my clients would go on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. I changed their life forever. I knew it, they knew it. I didn’t ask for royalties or anything of the sort, just a flat 4 figure fee. Little did I know that they would make tons of money off of my work.

But hey, that’s learning right?!

Around the same time, I started my coaching class, teaching people my system that I used to recruit over 1,000 people in 30 days into my MLM business. That class would go on to make me around $15,000.00 it’s first month. 

Me being featured teaching in the online program What's Working Now by Magnetic Sponsoring

Me being featured teaching in the online program What’s Working Now by Magnetic Sponsoring


But then tragedy struck again

My father had a stroke, a bad one. My little brother, who was 15 at the time was left at home. I had no idea of the severity of his stroke at the time. I was at the hospital every day for weeks, they told me he was going to die. Yet, he didn’t die, he pulled through it, little did I know that was just the beginning of it all.

My father would go through physical therapy, speech therapy and more. I was forced to put him in a nursing home, so someone could take care of him 24 hours a day.

I would continue to visit him a few times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. I would go on to handle all of his paper work, his social security, disability and more.

I struggled to keep my head on straight, I was overwhelmed with very little help. I couldn’t focus on anything business wise. I would go offline for almost the entire portion of 2014.

At the beginning of 2015, we were moving, my little brother, my girlfriend and I. We had to find a place quickly because our landlord told us he was selling the property we were in and we had to be out in 30 days. I honestly think it was a backlash at us because we found black mold all throughout the house that made all of us sick. (Especially me since I was home all the time and I had been sick for almost 3 months now)

When we finally found a place and started moving, I got a call from the nursing home, early in the morning around 7am.

“Jeremy, we’ve been trying to reach you all morning”

My heart sank, as  they told me they found my dad unresponsive and they sent him to the hospital around 4 am.

He was in the ICU by the time I got there, the doctor pulled me aside and told me what was going on.

“Your father had a catastrophic stroke, one of the worst one’s I’ve ever seen, he will die in the next few days” 

My father did die, right in front of me the next morning.

We put together his funeral, and it was a good ceremony, I got to see my family that I haven’t seen in years, and they got to see my mom who they haven’t seen in years either.

It was good, my mom had been wanting to see everyone for the longest time, she hadn’t since my parents got divorced.

I wanted to get back to work, I was ready. I needed something new to focus on.

Then I got a phone call early in the morning from my mom’s boyfriend who she’s been with for years after my parents split.

He told me to come quick, my mom wasn’t doing good.

By the time I got there my mom had died.

My mom

My mom

Not even 2 weeks after my dad’s funeral, my mom had past away, she died from liver failure that morning, right in front of me.

I was done… with everything… for months.

My little brother was now my full responsibility, he was an emotional mess along with I.

I didn’t do anything but read for months.

I didn’t do anything online, I barely communicated with anyone. I was done… I just read endless business books and went through courses, I hand wrote sales letters almost everyday. I did everything to try and keep my mind busy.

It was hard… For 6 months I didn’t do nearly anything.



And now we’re here, I’m back and…

I’m ready to kick ass

I’m ready to share on this blog, tips, tricks, techniques, methods, strategies, systems critiques and more on this blog. Stuff you would have to pay for from other people. I’ll teach you the things I’m doing in my business to help you in yours. I’ll share with you the knowledge from thousands of courses and books that I’ve been through. I’ll tell you what’s working and what isn’t. And I’m willing to work with you to make your business better.

Be ready to learn from the best, because that’s who I’m going to be. Years of experience, knowledge and studying has me on a path of success once again in business. I launched a new website/business within a month of me being back online. I’m going to be hosting calls and webinars where I can help you achieve success in your business.

Get ready for the best tips, tricks and techniques you’ll ever get from one site, that’s what I strive to do!

You can ask me questions anytime at http://responseguy.com/ask-jeremy/ and keep on the lookout for new updates coming soon!

Oh yeah, get on my list by subscribing on the side of this blog so you never miss anything from me!

Talk soon,
Jeremy Watson

Me and my girlfriend at the lake, just went out on the boat

Me and my girlfriend at the lake, just went out on the boat

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  • Sasha
    June 25, 2015

    looking forward to reading the awesome tips on your blog. Most important you got through this year and are kicking ass once again. Entrepreneurs greatest strength is resilience and springing back as soon when possible.

    • Jeremy Watson
      June 25, 2015

      Thanks Sasha! Yep, I’m back and ready to go! Going to be building some small stuff on the side and giving tips and tricks from what I learn from that as well!

  • Andrew
    July 14, 2015

    He’s back! For years I’ve thought that when you’re–in the not-too-distant future–speaking from stages and flying around in your private jet, you’re going to have the best story of them all. You are an inspiration, bro!

    • Jeremy Watson
      July 14, 2015

      Thanks man! I appreciate it! 🙂 It’s been rough but I’m slowly getting there!

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