How to Properly Follow Up With Leads And Customers 2015

The follow up process is by far one of the most important yet, most underutilized methods in marketing today. Poor follow can lead to high lead cost, fewer customers, slower growth and of course, lower profits. When you want to get a response from your marketing, and a great response at that, a great and intense follow up process can change the game in your business. It can convert more leads into customers faster, easier and can cut back on any lead generation cost you might have.

But why do so many people struggle with the follow up process? Maybe it’s because of the fear of rejection or maybe just sheer laziness… what ever it is, it’s hurting their business and if you don’t properly follow up, it can and will hurt yours as well.

In today’s video I go into a great example of great follow up. I go through the follow up process from one of my favorite marketers and business experts Dan Kennedy to show how him and his team are aggressively following up with me to make a sale for not just a front end product but an upsale in their funnel.

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So most people go into follow up with a very lazy mindset, they think just because they sent someone an email after they went to their video, they will buy… that’s simply not the case, if it was there would be a lot of rich people in the world today.

Here’s an example of poor follow up from most businesses I look at:

But the real secret is to have heavy follow up, really intense follow up for at least 14 days after they opt-in. If you don’t get them by then, then it’s time to start with different approaches. There’s nothing wrong with applying direct mail to your internet business and also phone follow up and more.

Here’s good example of an intense follow up campaign.

Good Follow Up Example


As you can see the intense follow up, although it’s just an example is well… Intense. You work the lead that you’ve generated until they have proven themselves to not be right for your product or service at this time. It does not mean that you should NOT continue to follow up with them down the road, in fact it means that you should continue following up with them until they either unsubscribe from your list and/or block your calls. It doesn’t have to be heavy follow up, an email a week or every two weeks a call once a month will do just fine. All this does is keeps you in the prospects mind and shows them you want their business. When the time does become right, then more than likely you will be the first on their mind.

Use these follow up tips in your own business and see how great things can change for you when it comes to closing leads and more sales from customers!



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