How Turning Down Clients Can Make You Even More Money

I’ve been busy… For anyone that keeps up with will know that it’s been about 2 maybe 3 weeks since my last post, and there is actually good reason for that.

Now, I know there’s really no excuse for me not to get stuff done, I actually was focused on building a new business with a great new business partner that I have.

To be honest, how fast we are seeing success, it’s kinda disappointing that we haven’t partnered up sooner.

But let me get into the niddy griddy, the details of stuff that I’ve known for a while but I haven’t actually implemented in about 2 or 3 years.

After my parents died at the beginning of 2015, I actually went into a “hole” and didn’t really do anything but read and go through courses for the next couple of months. After I started this blog though, I was immediately offered a copywriting and fully “Done For You” funnel and membership site for an upcoming product launch.

Now, when I took this job, it had been roughly around 6 to 8 months since I’ve done ANY real copywriting or website design. In fact, it was really the first work I’ve done in forever.

My initial fees for this are usually $5,000+ and 6% royalties, which is actually a small fee to pay because my work usually turns people’s life’s around in a dramatic way financially.

When I originally quoted my fee, they were definitely not able to pay it, they were in a tough spot and didn’t have too much cash up front.

But I wanted the work, needed the work, so I reduced my price dramatically (RULE 1: NEVER REDUCE YOUR PRICE)

I had hopes of this product doing well over six figures when we launched so my royalties would easily recoup some of the hit that I took up front. After going through the product and seeing how great it was, I was actually excited to work on this product launch with them, it was actually a really good course that could help a lot of people.

But there was a small problem after I took the job, they wanted to launch in a just over a month. Which gave me hardly any time to get any quality work done.

So I had to hire people to help me with all aspects of the web design, graphics and more to get everything done in time.

They worked on that, while I worked on the copy. After a while of working on the copy I actually went in and finished up the membership site with one of the guys I hired to help me with everything. It looked sick, one of my best looking membership sites I’ve ever done. When I showed it to them, they loved it. So I knew I was on to something.

I wrote over 30 pages of sales copy for them and started sending it over to a new sales page guy to format and design the page. After I paid him, he went ghost, with little to no work done, and the work he did do looked like crap.

So I had to go in and do the page myself.

Long story short, I spent over 150+ hours on this product launch. 3 Sales Letters, 3 Sales pages (upsells included), Graphics, Members Area, Membership Setup, Affiliate Set Up and more.

At the end of the day, everything looked amazing, some of my best work thus far, I actually was impressed with myself.

My work there was done, it was now up to them to launch the product and push sales through the page, I’d except a healthy royalty when everything was done, at least $10,000+!

I started to get excited, people were loving the page as we shared it around, everyone knew it would convert.

Then came launch day, I’m driving my little brother, my girlfriend and I down to the beach that morning, bright and early.

When I get to the hotel, I log in and check the stats and we only had 1 sale coming in. Disappointed was the only thing I could feel. I thought I had failed on my end.

After our 10 day affiliate contest we barely did over $5,000 in sales… I was looking at conversion rates and they were extremely high… the problem… no traffic (Rule #2- make sure if you’re depending on royalties to pay your bills into the future, that your clients have a proven way to get traffic)

Depressed, pissed and let down I knew my royalties on this product launch would be crap, not even enough to pay anything, which is another reason NOT to depend on just royalties to make a living, your fees are equally important.

A few weeks after that product was done launching I was approached again to do more launch work. The whole sha-bang, you’d call it. Sales copy, membership sites, affiliate setup and everything like that.

When I quoted my fee… they we’re shocked and told me figures they had in mind which was roughly around 10% of what I really wanted…

They wanted to think it over, and so did I.

They came back with another offer, and I hesitated to take it, I wanted more work.

Yet I told them I’d think about it.

About a day or so after I kindly declined the job and launched a program with my new business partner. We put together everything in about a week or so and we’re on track to making around six figures by the end of the year with this program, probably 7 figures by this time next year.

But then shortly after I was approached again by the same people wanting to negotiate again as far as pricing. And this will happen time and time again until we get to my fee and price. Everyone wants to save money, we are all programmed to attempt to pay the least and get the most, its how we make a living. But the last time I turned down a client, they kept coming to me offering more and more money until we were well beyond my fee and I said “yes”. It happens, especially when what you do is important and works.

And that just reinforces how valuable my work really is.

The thing is, you have to know your worth, and be willing to turn down jobs and work that doesn’t support or backup what you truly think you’re worth.

If I can create letters, pages and sales material that will take your business from making $500 a month to $100,000+ in a very short amount of time, then why isn’t my services worth $5,000+? The truth is, its worth more, actually way more.

And that’s what you have to think about, are you low-balling yourself just to get work? In the end is it hurting how valuable you are perceived and how you perceived yourself? ┬áIf it is, restructure your pricing, stand up for yourself and your services and stand behind them.

At the end of the day, if you do a job for $500, is it worth that much to you?

As entrepreneurs, we normally don’t get paid for hourly work, we get paid on what we produce and most entrepreneurs are actually skilled workers, who have amazing skill sets that are developed through studying, research and experience, that is actually worth more than anyone can really put a price tag on. Make sure you’re not hurting yourself by taking low paying work and get what your worth for now on! This post isn’t a stab at anyone person or group of people, it’s just lessons I learn, being in the field everyday making money. Wisdom to take with you on your journey to greatness!

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