So You Think You’re An Internet Marketer Huh?

I was talking to a student of mine the other day and we were trying to figure out why he was struggling so much… in fact this isn’t a common theme when you meet people online trying to make money .

I asked him a question that I usually ask many of my students and it hit me exactly why he’s struggling.

I asked

“What do you do for a living?”

He said

“Well, I’m an internet marketer” 

And I quickly told him… “But you’re not”

Sometimes I’m rough on my students for many reason. One they need to hear it, two sometimes its the only thing that works and three… it’s my job to help you see success, not to lolly gag around your problems and pretend like it’s okay that you’re struggling.

You see, there’s so many people online that are calling themselves internet marketers, yet there’s a problem with that.

1.) Most of them are doing NO marketing at all

2.) Internet marketing is not a business

Yeah, I said it, INTERNET MARKETING IS NOT A BUSINESS… please read that 100 times so you get it. Internet marketing is just another place people are using to market their business. There’s different types of online media that you can use on the internet to advertise, yet, that in itself is not a business.

So let me ask you… “What business are you in? What do you do for a living?” 

If you say you’re an internet marketer and you’re struggling that’s the main reason, you don’t even know what business you’re in.

Break down what you do… what you sell… how you make your money. It’s more than just internet marketing, in fact you could take what ever you’re selling and go market it offline using direct mail, phone broadcasting, flyers, drop cards ect and probably do better than most people are doing with just internet marketing alone.

So let me ask you again… “What business are you in?”

Are you selling a service, a product, are you here to help someone, a particular type of person suffering from some sort of problems.

Do you help people stop smoking?

Do you help people get more traffic to their website?

Do you sell a business opportunity?

What is it?

Figure out at the core what you’re selling, what business you’re in and quit thinking just because you market on the internet that you’re an internet marketer.

Heck, just because you have a website doesn’t mean you have a business.

Most people I work with we have to restructure their whole plan because they weren’t clear from the start about what they are doing and they were spinning their tires trying to “figure it out as they go”

Wake up to reality and realize that there’s more than calling yourself an internet marketer to making money.

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