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In today’s video I’m sharing a few tips about how to build an effective website for a local business. This works with all websites, but especially for local businesses that provides some sort of service in the area.


Most clients I’ve had in the past want a really beautiful, fancy website and would be disappointed when I show them what I’ve built. But after I explain to them why I built the site the way I did their eyes open and they see their website in a different way.


Yes, your website is an extension of your brand online. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you have to have a beautiful website that doesn’t do anything for you or your business.


I build websites differently, I build them to get a response. To generate leads and new clients. Most people that have a website never even think of this concept when they get a website done and they pay thousands for a website that doesn’t make them any money.


So here are 3 things I have in every local business website I build.


1.) Clarity about Your Business

When someone visits your site you have to think about what they’re really there for. Someone might of been driving by your business and wanted to look you up online to see what you’re all about and what you offer. They might of heard of you from a friend or someone else and they want to learn more about your business and maybe book an appointment and so on. You want them to be able to find the information they’re looking for as easy as possible so they can take the next step in doing business with you.


2.) Multiple Ways to Contact You In Multiple Spots On Your Site

I find many people build a website and have their phone number once on their site. Somewhere at the bottom or at the top. When a visitor wants to contact you, you shouldn’t make it hard for them to find ways to contact you on your site. Whether it’s through email, phone, text, or even a contact form on your site. You want your visitors to easily be able to reach out to you immediately when they are ready so they can book an appointment and you can start your sales process.


3.) An irresisitible offer.

This one is harder to get clients to do, but I find it extremely effective to have an irresistible offer right on the home page for someone to claim as soon as they land on your website. Whether it’s a free guide, ebook, coupon, gift, ect. You want to make it difficult for your visitors to turn down your offer right after they see it. This allows you to be able to collect their contact information and follow up with your new leads immediately so they can’t price shop, or go to your competition.


With that being said, here’s today’s video


Watch Me Work- Local Business Website Tips

Tips for building a better, more effective site for your local business

Posted by Jeremy Watson on Thursday, April 13, 2017



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