About Jeremy

Jeremy Watson, a 28 year old internet entrepreneur, coach and consultant has helped hundreds and thousands of people along his many years since he’s been online. He got started at the ripe old age of just 16 years old to discover how he too could find success in business and on the internet. After years of struggle he quickly realized that he needed to do something different than most, he needed to learn business from real marketers and business owners that were making seven to eight figures online.

After reading his first book on marketing started a never ending path of learning about business, copywriting, sales, and marketing. He’s read hundreds if not thousands of books so far in his life time and has spent tens of thousands on his marketing and business education, something that most will not ever do.

He now plans on teaching what he’s currently doing in his business and with his students and clients on this blog, to tell you what’s working and what’s not.

Along the way he’ll also give you tips, tricks, techniques, strategies and more to help you go out and win in your business as well.

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